Go peep that! Definitely top 10 films status of mine.


Indra said...

hello, my name Indra .. my native Indonesia .. pleased with you, hopefully we can become a good friend.
I am pleased you have read the blog

Rachie-Pie said...

wow to the comment above!! and watchmen..you top 10?!mate it is my TOP 3!!!! lol!

joselito fron de bronce said...

hmm, i refuse to bite into the hype.
silly costumes are silly.

inunno bout these guys : /

In A NY State Of Mind said...

Indra- Cmon now fam. lmfao!

Rachie-Pie - hah my top 3 nah. it consists of classics, tough to beat.

Jose- all hype aside. if fucking critics gave this shit 3 thumbs down. sabes que...i will still fucks with this regardless.
eat one tho my G. lmfao

we in there tomorrow.

Kay said...

lmfaoooo @ indra