“Yo, while me and Q-tip were performing “Vivrant Thing” in Vegas last night….this n—a Prince walked out on the stage, took the guitar from our guitar player and just started rocking! None of us knew he was there until he popped up on the stage….then the n—a vanished like Batman, LOL!

The sound crew said Prince was in the balcony watching the show from the very beginning (The balcony was closed off). Then when “Vivrant Thing” came out, he just came backstage and walked out on stage.
None of us knew what was happening, then when we finished the show he was gone LOL!” - DJ Scratch


joselito fron de bronce said...

prince is the man.
son did him, stole the show, n nen skated.

In A NY State Of Mind said...

lol, im saying...he should be carrying smoke bombs

Yasluv♥ said...

I'da peed all in my pants if I was at that show in the front row!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This chick right here is a stan!>>>>>>>>>