Married to the M.O.B. x Collette x Reebok Freestyle. They is down right clean! The attention to detail is something else...and how about that red sole!?! did I mention 350 pairs made worldwide, crazy right?

too bad these dropped MAY 5th! and are pretty much impossible to find...if you do spot a pair get ready to drop something close to $500 atleast. What's fucked up is that I know people, so it wouldn't be much of anything to her a pair for my lady this time of season .....if I had one. Somebody's definitely missing out. (;



Every sexy lady should have a few solid sneakers in their arsenal. Always a good look (;


Kay said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah at the time i didnt have a job riii? so i missed out. THEN they came out at ALIFE & i couldnt take off work to get them, my bf tried to get them for me but they only had a size 9 left.... i was pissed off! ughhh. but yeah help me get a size 7 and ill seriously seriously look for an asian chick ;)

In A NY State Of Mind said...

lmao...I got you son

Anonymous said...

I reported on these joints on my blog when they had dem @ ALIFE. Also spotted the delivery at the store when they came out that last weekend in July. My homegirl copped dem & those kicks are defintely crack..


banaboogie said...

sneakers ftw!