I Never Brag

..How real I keep it, cause its the best secret.- Nas

I was at work the other day browsing Complex, happen to read Lupe's interview in the current issue. Its hard not to respect and look up to someone with character like the homie Lupe.

Are you the kind of dude who buys something and if someone asks you where you got it, you’re like, “I can’t tell you”?
Lupe Fiasco: Nah, I tell them what it is. I like to share with the world. It’s nothing for me—this my girl right here, she’ll tell you. It’s nothing for me to just take it off my back and give it away.

[To friend] He gives shit out?

Friend: Yeah, all the time.

Lupe Fiasco: Every day. “Here, you like these? Have them.” I don’t need to have it to own it. I don’t need to own it to have it. It’s not that deep and at the end of the day, it’s not that important.

If it doesn’t mean anything, why not just rock a white tee, some no-name jeans and…
Lupe Fiasco: If you’re informed, you make an informed choice. You know? You understand the quality of certain things and you understand the history of certain things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You have people in in a lab like, “Yo, I only use test tubes that are handblown in Italy.” Like, why?

“Because they’re the best.”
Lupe Fiasco: “Because they’re the best test tubes in all the.” So if we going shopping, we going to Paris. Or we going to SoHo.

The Good Life.
Lupe Fiasco: Every life is good, man. This doesn’t make life. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a style of life. Style is what you are, but everybody has life. And everybody’s life should be good. Some of the happiest people in the world have nothing. Nothing. And they find happiness in being in the world. They wear the world with a smile. I feel bad for all the people standing in line with all that shit on and they not smiling. And somebody walks past who knows nothing about it with a smile on his face got the freshest shit on in the world.

From the looks of it son in the verge of pulling a Jay-Z and calling it quits with his last album: LupeEnd. I hope that's not the case and he realizes hes a breath of fresh air to the Hip-Hop community, and has fans like myself that have followed him from the jump hungry for more shit!


A-LI$T said...

hell yaw!! i wrote him a letter on my blog expressing my feelings lol


In A NY State Of Mind said...

yes...I happen to read the letter and I completely see where you're coming from. Lupe needs to leave the 2-3 on...not trynna see him come back wearing the 4-5 for NO reason.