"You the first nigga in the game that said fuck fame, you the fifth nigga in the Beetles, you the tenth nigga in the Wu-Tang ....So nigga let your nuts hang!"

Haven't been able to stop listening to it since I got. Will be on HEAVY rotation this weekend. There is some tracks I could do without, and some tracks growing on me the more I listen... but you take it as it is. A Nas album is always greatly appreciated. I'm going to give it a week before I rush any judgment though.

Tracks I fuck with:
You Can't Stop Us Now
Sly Fox
Fried Chicken
Be a Nigger Too
and Favorite track thus far Esco Let's Go

What does the homie Nasir have to say about this.....

To the curious ones that emailed me asking...I will be going out and copping the album,The kid was just thirsty(pause) and went ahead and d/l it. and fuck you hypocrite bandwagon hip-hop heads that say "oh I don't download Nas/Wu/*insert 5 mic artists*! when you damn well know that's not the deal. I respect the true hip-hoppers that do though.