(sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, the only thing I have at my disposal)

The line is real solid for Spring'09 and based on the comments I received throughout the season there seems to be a lot of opportunities even more so (outside of Fusion)
Thanks again for your support of the JORDAN BRAND.

More importantly, Thanks' for your business..
George McConnaughey
Brand Jordan- Account Executive

This came in while I was at work today. I looked throught with my mind already set on being dissapointed...and what do you know Jordan Brand came throught just as I thought.lol I saw more hideus fusions and team jordan hybrids for `09. No retroes in sight and no Air Jordan 24 either(but they did meantion something about "expect the unexpected") so idk til' then, we'll see. hmmmm...recently Jordan Brand stay taking L's tho.