Very few sneakers catch my attention nowadays .Which is why most people that come & peep my blog are surprised and wonder why its not flooded by sneakers . It maybe because I'm losing my lust for them idk! but theres reason behind that, Jordan hasn't dropped a solid release in a few years (with the exception of the Grape V's/Aqua 8's) and if they do they either come in a pack which is buns and not to mention the build quality ugh! fucking glue residue all over the sneaker cheap pleather...wtf! C'mon JB. Nike retroes a good shoe once in a blue thats actually worth copping, but most of the time they'll find a way to murder a good retro with a hideous/obnoxiously loud color ways(hold the zebra/leapord print im good!) or a Europe ONLY exclusives,. After selling some pairs im down to about mid 40ish pairs on the roster and will continue to decline, QUALITY > Quantity. Recently I just have maybe 3-5 pairs on heavy rotation for the week/s. Even though some are just getting their feet wet, had love for sneakers since a yougin',& till I took it to the next. Been in it since 2003 and I find it ending real soon.
(im aware theres other brands out there but Nike & Jordan Brand are my main steez!)

Few that DID catch my eye:

Asics X Alife Gel Lyte III release June 7th.

Nike Air Structure for Holiday `08

16/7 Pack. but 16's...still have a O.G. pair why the fuck they retroin' already?!