New Pickup!

This past weekend I got in a Canon EF 28-135mm IS USM lens bundled with the lens hood ($3o seperate) . Build quality is pretty good everything looks and feels solid from the focus ring to the metal mount, its not up to par with a L pieces of glass but then again what lens is. The Autofocus is very fast and quiet, which is typical of the Canon ultrasonic motor (USM) lenses. It is also equiped with image stabilization for crisp shots in low light situations. The focal range makes it a good walkaround and general purpose lens, not my ideal one but this is the closes thing to it right now lol. The lens also features macro capabilities at 135mm focal lenght which is a plus. I haven't had the chance/time to go out and shoot with the lens like that because of this shitty weather, at the moment just playing around with it a bit and learning its capabilities.

Some sample shots:

Big ups to motorde on the heads up!