A phenomenon that has been occurring for some years now.
They Roam in cliques by Karamo names like "Sneaker Friends/fiends/Junkies" "Get Fresh Crews" etc...they differ from location to location though.

How to spot em':

-Exhibit A: The SneakerHead Hypebeast

(in true hypebeast attire: H&M'd out from head to toe)

-Exhibit B: The Skater Hypebeast

(peep,dudes just holding a plain skate deck.wtf!)

-Exhibit C: The Retro 80's/The Cool Kids Hypebeast

(OD! bet they pusing each others buttons)

-Exhibit D: The Uptown Karamo Hypebeast

(Colored Denim for the loss. Most un-masculine
article of clothing one could own!)

(Leave the super skinnies for the ladies, fellas.)

-Exhibit E: The BAPE Hypebeast

-Exhibit F: The Hipster/Emo Hypebeast

-Exhibit g: The confused Hypebeast


STOP WHILE YOU'RE BEHIND. End the madness.

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